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Global NDE Guru is an eLearning program of NDT Consultancy Services Inc., a fast growing, technology driven company focused on creating path-breaking online ndt training, certification, education, inspection and NDT Level III consulting Services across the field of non-destructive testing. We are committed to delivering affordable, effective and complete solutions that continually bring values to our customers. Our comprehensive programs are designed to provide best practices and leading knowledge of non-destructive testing. Our eLearning program places great emphasis on hands-on training on advance ndt equipment used in the industries to complement the theory of the applicable method

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(CT) Package # 1 - MT & PT Combo - Level I & II
Course Expiration : 5 Days Credit Hours : 40 Hours Course Fees : $1300

Package # 1 - This MT & PT Combo Package - Level I & II, course is 1 weeks (5 Days) program and contains following methods

MT Level I & II - 24 Hours ( 3 Days)

PT Level I & II - 16 Hours ( 2 Days)

This Combo package MT & PT Level I & II training course is designed to fulfill the requirements of ASNT SNT-TC-1A, CP-189, other equivalent standards and customer specific written practice for training and certification of NDE personnel. Upon successful completion of this classroom course, you will get the higher level of confidence in the general theory, specification and practical application of this method. This course will give you 40 hours of credit for your certification in the applicable methods as above.

End of each method training there will be examinations  in the General, specific and practical. As per ASNT SNT–TC-1A in the General there will be 40 closed book questions, in specific 20 open book questions and in practical 10 checkpoints. Other training and certification information will be provided at the start of classes.

You are required to pass successfully in these examinations with minimum of 70% grading in each examination. To meet complete training requirement of ASNT SNT-TC-1A, CP-189 or equivalent standard, your average grading of all three examinations should be 80% minimum.

The Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) method is accomplished by inducing a magnetic field in a ferromagnetic material and then dusting the surface with iron particles (either dry or suspended in liquid). Surface and near-surface imperfections distort the magnetic field and a leakage field attracts iron particles to form the visual indication of the imperfections.

In Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) the test objects are first coated with visible or fluorescent dye solution, excess dye is then removed from the surface, and a developer is applied. The developer acts as the blotter, drawing trapped penetrant out of imperfections open to the surface. With visible dyes, vivid color contrasts between the penetrant and developer make \"bleed out\" easy to see. With fluorescent dyes, ultraviolet light is used to make the bleed out fluoresce brightly, thus allowing imperfections to be readily seen.

Detail course descriptions are available at our other website in course description area. To purchase the course please follow the direction and if you need any further info pl send your query or call us on 832-237-28